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Campaign slideCampaign & Event Strategy

An email schedule is not a campaign strategy. A mix of integrated offline and online tactical efforts is. All elements must work in concert to introduce and sell new products, new services and new concepts into your markets.

Campaign elements include sales training and communications, analyst briefings and co-branded research, webinars, podcasts, video, client conferences, user group meetings, industry conference speaking engagements, press engagement opportunities, and (whew) exhibits. At Fully Caffeinated we know how to leverage these components of integrated marketing to maximize your marketing strategy, budget and efforts.

Whether you need over-arching strategy development or tactical element execution, let us help. Watch for our NEW campaign timing tools launching soon!



Sample collageContent Strategy & Development

White papers. Blog articles. Infographics. Point-of-View papers. Brochures. Website content. Case Studies. Ads. Direct mail. Emails. Social Media posts. Whatever your content needs, we’ve most likely written it and can brew one for you!








Presentation3Thought Leadership Programs

New technologies. New regulatory requirements. SME (subject matter expert) positioning.  All drive the need to educate a market prior to selling into it. Especially if you’re bringing new products and services to the market that address change. The results of a well-planned program can generate millions in new income streams…like this Thought Leadership program which generated a $75 million sales pipeline in 18 months.

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Blog Shots

November 25, 2013 |

Reaching for the stars: marketing tips from NASA

Not since we landed on the moon have I seen so much hype around a celestial event. It’s rather exciting actually and oh so appropriate for the solar season of Sagittarius we are now in—when the energies highlight our need to expand our horizons. Props to NASA’s marketing, PR and social media teams for pulling out all of the stops on this week’s comet ISON perihelion. Take a look at how this one event is being used to tell the organization’s story: Separate event landing page to watch live coverage that highlights solar satellite viewing capabilities A full court media blitz that includes a special PBS presentation  and numerous press mentions across national media...

November 19, 2013 |

Sales enablement: Is marketing really from Mars and sales from Venus? just reported the results of Q2/Q3 research on marketing effectiveness. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture of marketing’s effectiveness in closing the gap between marketing and sales. For as long as I’ve been in marketing (and that’s a long time), the only time I’ve seen sales and marketing get along is when sales was dictating what to do, to marketing. But is that really marketing’s job? To deliver only what sales wants? Not in my world. I think there’s an answer to this continuing drama, and it requires first and foremost that both departments actually respect what the other brings to the table. And a good understanding of the goals and objectives of...

November 11, 2013 |

Sweaty creatives and why your critics aren’t the ones who count

I don’t have children but I’ve gestated this blog for two years. Two years of thinking about what might be valuable to others. It wasn’t until this past year that I finally figured out it isn’t so much about what anyone needs, as much as it is what I have to share – and how I share it. The only requirement is that I just show up and do my thing. How many of you hold yourself back? Keep the beautiful, amazing parts of yourself hidden for fear that it won’t be enough, or GASP! you could be criticized? You might share those gifts with a very select few. And that’s okay, but it...

November 6, 2013 |

What do George Stephanopoulos, 50 Cent and Lena Dunham have in common?

According to this New York Times article they all want to talk about how they meditate. Seems the practice I talked about in another post is becoming quite a popular thing to do among people in all kinds of industry. Meditation has so many benefits, and in this day and age we need an edge. A personal edge. A company edge. Meditation has the ability to give you that edge from the inside out. It increases performance, reduces stress and the onset of illness, and helps with building relationships – the capstone of good business practices. Before you dismiss meditation as a practice that is not welcome in business, check out this company participation...

November 4, 2013 |

The downside of frequent flyer miles

I used to be jealous of the folks boarding a plane first because of their elite status for traveling a gazillion miles a year. I really didn’t want to travel that much to achieve the status. I just wanted to be one of the first people on the plane. But now I have another reason to feel badly for anyone who spends the majority of their month traveling to see customers. NASA just published a video and online article about a less-than-public fact of frequent flying that will make you rethink the value of your rewards. Especially if you travel internationally. According to the article, “A 100,000 mile frequent flyer gets about 20 chest...

November 4, 2013 |

Want to “Get Into the Zone” faster and more consistently?

I love Through the Wormhole on the Discovery Channel and not just because Morgan Freeman is the host (although that would be enough).  I love it because I find so many connections between science and the art of marketing and sales, especially when the focus is on enhancing athletic performance. Successful athletes talk about building “muscle memory,” but according to this video segment researchers have found what athletes are really doing is building brain memory—brain memory of how to bridge the gap between alpha and theta waves on a more consistent basis. Successful business people do this too.  And creative professionals know “the zone” well. So how do you become a peak performer and...

November 4, 2013 |

Heart-to-heart: Here’s how you SHINE

I am a closet nerd. Put anything remotely science-related within my periphery—biology, physics, astronomy—and I am entertained for hours. I am also creative, which means I constantly look for connections to help me explain things. My passion is energy and understanding the role it plays in our lives. Especially in marketing and sales. After all, that is the whole premise behind being fully caffeinated. Unless you are pumping gas into your car, turning on the lights somewhere, or drinking a pot of coffee to wake up, you probably don’t think about energy much. Yet you use phrases like, “I really don’t have the energy to do that today,” and, “The tension in that room...

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