Jill Miller

Jill Miller

Jill Miller in Fractal Energy Mandala Form

Meet the Supreme Bean…

As the genetic byproduct of a salesman father and philosopher mother, marketing seemed to be the most natural career path for me. It wasn’t always that way though. I wanted to be an actress. Even started college with an acting scholarship.

Long story short, I realized the road to fame could be a very long one, so I took my acting skills to the world of business and fell in love with marketing. Where else can you bring ideas to life on a daily basis?






I have more than 25 years experience in these marketing areas:

  • branding
  • market and customer research
  • strategy
  • product management
  • integrated communications
  • content strategy and development
  • even sales!

I’ve worked inside of technology firms in the healthcare, finance, telecom and database marketing industries. In 1994, I launched Fully Caffeinated to focus on developing integrated marketing communications programs for clients big and small, in a wide variety of industries.

My ability to assimilate new information and identify relevant strategies and tactics to reach business goals helps my clients to achieve greater returns on their marketing investments.

I love to laugh. I’m very curious. And I can’t imagine life without stories. When I’m in relax mode you’ll likely find me on my patio with my head in a book or magazine. Or asking some unsuspecting stranger, “So what’s your story?”

P.S. That’s me up there in energy mandala form. If you need to see the carbon-based 2D physical form, you’ll find it here: