What the heck is Receptivity-based Marketing?

It’s a whole new way of thinking about marketing and sales. Receptivity-based marketing considers the fact that everything we are and everything we do is energetic. If you need scientific proof of that premise, see the blog post “Heart-to-heart.”

Marketing is making a connection – mentally, physically, transactionally – with those who need your products and services. There are various practices and tools to help you influence and facilitate those connections. But what most of those fail to recognize is the underlying energetics of our connections. That’s what being Fully Caffeinated is all about: maximizing all potential energy resources.

We know how the sun – or a lack thereof – affects our moods. We understand people tend to go a little bit crazy on a full moon (ask anyone working the ER on the night of a full moon). Receptivity-based marketing is simply knowing about and considering the energies in play around us that affect the ways in which we find value and make purchase decisions.

It’s just how business is done at Fully Caffeinated. It’s our edge in how we deliver every project. So the next time you need help with:

  • campaign and event strategy & development
  • content strategy & development
  • web and social media marketing
  • sales channel and pipeline development
  • thought leadership programs

try the Fully Caffeinated approach and experience the difference. Leveraging subtle energy to achieve greater results with marketing efforts – it’s where smart business is headed.