Reaching for the stars: marketing tips from NASA

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Reaching for the stars: marketing tips from NASA

Not since we landed on the moon have I seen so much hype around a celestial event. It’s rather exciting actually and oh so appropriate for the solar season of Sagittarius we are now in—when the energies highlight our need to expand our horizons.

Props to NASA’s marketing, PR and social media teams for pulling out all of the stops on this week’s comet ISON perihelion. Take a look at how this one event is being used to tell the organization’s story:

  • Separate event landing page to watch live coverage that highlights solar satellite viewing capabilities
  • A full court media blitz that includes a special PBS presentation  and numerous press mentions across national media to position NASA scientists as thought leaders
  • A Google+ hangout to discuss the event with their fans
  • A special hashtag on Twitter to segment the event from the main twitter site and Facebook  posts to continue the conversation

Without huge budgets for promotion, NASA is genius at social media. (would you expect any less?) I think a lot of us can learn from their process. Check out this Inside Social Media podcast with John Yembrick, NASA’s Head of Social Media on how he manages all of the content he has to work with, and the trends he thinks will drive stronger interaction with your audience. At the bottom of the interview page are some excellent tips on how to look at social media, choose the right channels for your content and measure your results.

There’s optimistic, expansive energy at your disposal this week. The time is right to consider how you reach your audience to tell your story … and decide whether or not some expansion is in order.


Image Credit: Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona

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