What do George Stephanopoulos, 50 Cent and Lena Dunham have in common?

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What do George Stephanopoulos, 50 Cent and Lena Dunham have in common?

According to this New York Times article they all want to talk about how they meditate. Seems the practice I talked about in another post is becoming quite a popular thing to do among people in all kinds of industry.

Meditation has so many benefits, and in this day and age we need an edge. A personal edge. A company edge. Meditation has the ability to give you that edge from the inside out. It increases performance, reduces stress and the onset of illness, and helps with building relationships – the capstone of good business practices.

Before you dismiss meditation as a practice that is not welcome in business, check out this company participation list from the Institute of Mindful Leadership. Consider that Google has offered a Search Inside Yourself  program for its employees since 2007. (highly recommend that article) Think about how much more you’d get done in meetings if people just quit talking and offered up only what was important in the moment. And what 50 Cent would record if he didn’t meditate!!

Remember, just because we live in a connected world doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pull the plug on it all from time-to-time.  Repeat after me…Ommmmmm.


  1. Believe it or not, Howard Stern is a huge proponent of TM. Has been since his early twenties when his mother introduced him to it.

    • Kewl!

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