Want to “Get Into the Zone” faster and more consistently?

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Want to “Get Into the Zone” faster and more consistently?

I love Through the Wormhole on the Discovery Channel and not just because Morgan Freeman is the host (although that would be enough).  I love it because I find so many connections between science and the art of marketing and sales, especially when the focus is on enhancing athletic performance.

Successful athletes talk about building “muscle memory,” but according to this video segment researchers have found what athletes are really doing is building brain memory—brain memory of how to bridge the gap between alpha and theta waves on a more consistent basis. Successful business people do this too.  And creative professionals know “the zone” well.

So how do you become a peak performer and bridge the gap on a more consistent basis? Well, you can invest in Chris Berka’s X-Series EEG Headset Systems and train yourself. Or more inexpensively, just quit thinking about the problem you’re trying to solve. Seriously.  Become a Zen master. Learn to shut your monkey mind off at will and tune into the present moment. In other words, learn to meditate.

If you’re still not convinced it’s time to stop the chatter in your head, consider this quote from a September 24th Forbes online article, Meditate for Profitable Decisions:

“Prior research shows the more we invest in something (financially, emotionally, or otherwise), the harder it is to give up that investment and the more inclined we are to escalate a commitment… In many cases negative emotions; fear, anxiety, regret, even guilt or worry over past decisions, subconsciously play a part in the decision-making process.”

We’ll save the negative emotion talk for another post, but who in their right mind wants to make decisions and take action from THAT vantage point? Operating from a sense of calm assurance and faith in your capabilities always takes you further. Right now the best and least expensive way I’ve found to get to that calm assurance and faith is through meditation.

I’m not going to suggest a meditation technique because honestly, everyone has their own way of getting there. Some people require complete silence. Some prefer guided meditations. Others like background music. Google the options and see which one feels best to you.

If you don’t have time or the inclination to go there, give me a call. I meditate regularly.

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