Heart-to-heart: Here’s how you SHINE

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Heart-to-heart: Here’s how you SHINE

I am a closet nerd. Put anything remotely science-related within my periphery—biology, physics, astronomy—and I am entertained for hours. I am also creative, which means I constantly look for connections to help me explain things.

My passion is energy and understanding the role it plays in our lives. Especially in marketing and sales. After all, that is the whole premise behind being fully caffeinated. Unless you are pumping gas into your car, turning on the lights somewhere, or drinking a pot of coffee to wake up, you probably don’t think about energy much. Yet you use phrases like, “I really don’t have the energy to do that today,” and, “The tension in that room was so thick you could cut it with a knife!” So, on some level you inherently understand that you are capable of detecting and sharing energy.

But do you question where personal energy comes from? How it is measured? What levels you have in your body? Where it is stored in your body? Or, even how you get more when you really need it fast (besides with a triple grande non-fat latte)?

Physicists tell us EVERYTHING is energy vibrating at different frequencies and traveling in different ways (most often in waves). There are several forms of energy. You can find a comprehensive list here if you’re feeling nerdy like me. But you should recognize these forms of energy:

  • sound
  • electrical
  • chemical
  • radiant
  • kinetic

If all of these energetic processes take place in your body, YOU are energy.  You emit, receive and process energy in one or more of the forms above, every second of every day. And get this: the two biggest processors of energy in our body are the heart and the brain. In that precise order.

Your words are energy. Your thoughts are energy. Your emotions are energy. If you are a ball of energy then your co-workers and customers are certainly energy too. The sun affects your energy. The moon affects your energy. Electromagnetic radiation from space affects your energy. Radio waves affect your energy. And the magnetics of the earth you live on affect your energy. You just don’t pay attention to it all unless you are hooked up to an EEG or EKG.

What does energy have to do with better marketing and selling?

Everything! The next time you are in a meeting, tune into your body for a few seconds and feel the room. Does your blood pressure rise when someone you are not fond of, speaks? Do you break out in a sweat when you are asked where the project is that was supposed to be finished two weeks ago? Or do you have a complete dialog in your head that never makes it to your lips and out of your mouth? Maybe you do all three! Guess what? Even if you never say a word and have a complete poker face, others in the room are picking up on your energy. Every bit of it. They may not outwardly demonstrate their awareness. But they are processing your energy. And their perception of the energy you emit determines whether or not you get the response you are looking for on the campaign, or the sale you need to make your quota.

Remember the largest generator of personal energy mentioned above…the heart? The Institute of Heart Math in Boulder Creek, California has scientifically proven that your heart is constantly scanning the future. YOUR HEART! The center of your emotions is scanning and outputting the greatest amount of energy in any given moment. You know that to be a successful salesperson or marketer requires an emotional connection with your audience.

For all of you Malcolm Gladwell  Blink groupies, now you know how intuition works.

So the next time you write content, design a brochure, or make a sales presentation, remember…you are sharing way more than you realize. It’s more than product benefits and features that connects you to your customers. It’s your subtle energy!

Want to know more about how to work with subtle energy more effectively as a marketer or salesperson? Drop me an email.

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